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International Truck Engine Family DT 408, 466, 530, 570 description of the catalogue:

Master Service Information (Engine Group)
530 and DT-466 Diesel Engine Service (1994)
530 and DT-466 Diesel Engine Diagnostics (1993)
DT/DTA-466 Diesel Engine Service (1990)
DT/DTI-466 A and B Series DT/DTI/DTA-466 C Diesel Engine Diagnostics (1993)
International« DT 466E, DT 466, 530, 530E, and HT 530 Diesel Engines
DT 466 / DT 530 Engine Diagnostic Manual for 4000 Series Trucks (2001)
DT 466, DT 570 and HT 570 Engine Service Manual - 2004 Emissions with EGR
DT 466 / DT 570 / HT 570 Diesel Engine Diagnostic Manual - 2004 Emissions with EGR

Vehicle Recall Campaigns
ENGINE OIL COOLER on Certain 1300, 3000, 4000, 7000, 8000 Truck, and CE, FE, RE Bus Models Built 6/1/06 thru 6/30/07 with a DT 570 Engine or 8/1/06 thru 6/30/07 with a DT 466 Engine
Engine Oil Filter/Front Drive Axle Interference on 4x4 and 6x6 Versions of 7300, 7400, and 7500 Models built 9/27/2001 through 3/8/2004 with DT 466 and DT/HT 530 Engines

Authorized Field Change (AFC) Letters
Replacement of Fuel Transfer (Lift) Pump
Front Cover and Oil Cooler Header Gasket Resiliency Depletion on International« DT 466 and 530 Engines Built Between August 1, 2000 and January 22, 2004
Allison Transmission Upshifting Complaints in International 4300 and 4400 Models with DT 466 Engines Built in Escobedo Between July 25, 2002 and November 22, 2002
Insufficient Torque on the Engine Oil Pick Up Tube Support Mounting Bolt and Nut on International DT 466 and 530 Engines Used in 2654, 4300, 4400, and 7400 Models Built Between October 12, 2001 and December 5, 2001

Technical Service Information (TSI) Letters
Remanufactured Turbocharger Housing Kit
High-Pressure Pump Assembly Inlet Filter Service Kit
Inline Front Cover Design and Part Number Variations
Remote Fuel/Water Separator Installation With 150 Watt Electric Heater, Water In Fuel Sensor And Fuel Restriction Switch
Hard Start and No Start Diagnostics - New Injection Control Pressure (ICP) Test
Coolant Return Kits
New I6 Connecting Rod Assembly and Torque Specification
Fuel Line Sealing Kit
Protecting Removed Hydraulically Actuated Fuel Injectors
New Piston and Piston Ring Assemblies
Lube Oil Recommendations for International« Diesel Engines
Update Valve Train Components
Turbocharger VGT Linkage Kit
Redesigned Engine Block Heater Assembly
Sensor O-ring Kit for CMP or CKP Applications
Update Valve Train Components
Redesigned Front Covers
Increase Crankshaft Vibration Damper Bolt Torque
New Service Calibration
Updated Turbocharger Service Kits
New 1500 Watt Single Grid Intake Air Heater Production Option
Diamond Logic« Exhaust Brake and Diamond Logic« Engine Brake
New High-Pressure Oil Rails
Valve Spring Retainer
Turbo Actuator Service Kit (SRA)
Check Ball - Rexroth High-Pressure Oil Pump Repairs
Fuel Dilution (Fuel in the Oil) Diagnosis with Dye
New EGR Cooler Service Kits
Valve Cover Electrical Connector Lock
New Piston Cooling Tube
Cylinder Sleeve Ring Kit
Electronic Control Module (ECM) Diagnostic Effects for International« T 444E, DT 466E/530E, and DT 466/530 Diesel Engines in International« Truck Applications
Cold Weather Startability Guidelines for 2004 Emission DT 466 Engines
Priming Fuel System after Running Out of Fuel
Coolant Sealant Conditioner To Eliminate Engine Front Cover Leaks
High-Pressure Pump Repair Kit For Fitting Leakage Repair
Releasing Front Cover PTO Adaptation Kit.
In-line Engine Standard Torque Values
In-Line Engine Bolt Tightening Torque Updates For Model Years 1993 Through 2003
Release Of Three New International« I-6 Diesel Engine Turbocharger Oil Supply Tube Service Items
New Bolt Tightening Procedure For Supply Manifold
Correct Fuel System Priming Procedure To Prevent Injector Tip Failures
Performance Specifications for 2003 Model Year International« Engines
Rear Oil Seal Carrier And Rear Seal Carrier Gasket Material For International Inline 6 Cylinder Engines Starting At Model Year 1994 Through 2003 With Serial Number 850,000 And Above
Belt Wear On International VT 365, T 444E, DT 466, and 530 Engines
DT 466 Service Piston
Lower Radiator Outlet Hose
New Service Flexplate for Standard Torque Engines (Model Years 1994-1999)
Breather Element Replacement
New Torque Value for Fractured Type Connecting Rod Bolts
Relocation of the Serial Number on All I-6 Engines
High-Pressure Oil Pump Service Kit and Instruction Video
RFI Filter Kit For Rear Mounted CEC Modules
Release of New Fractured Connecting Rod Assembly
Improved Shim and Service Kit for Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensor
New IPR (Injection Pressure Regulator) valve released with a revised spool valve
Lower Thrust Main Bearing
Water Pump Update For All International« I6 Engines
HEUI Injectors
New Cylinder Head Bolts And Torque Values For All I6 HUEI Engines
Four-post compressor housing for all I6 engine applications
Coolant Filter Header Assembly
Engine Front Cover
Intake Valve Stem Chrome Plating For the International« DT 408, DT 466/DT 466E and 530/530E Engines
Release of 88░ C (190░ F) Coolant Thermostat
Oil Pan Heater Availability
Revision to the special torque value for the main bearing cap mounting bolts.
Supplemental Cooling Additive (SCA) Factory Fill and Maintenance Level of Concentration for International Engines
Performance Specifications for 1996 and 1997 Model Year DT 466 and the International« 530 Mechanical Type Engines Equipped with Injection Pump
Replacement of Vibration Damper
Replace Dow Corning With Wacker RTV Sealant For International« T 444E, 530 And DT 466/466E Engines
Cold Starting And Warm Up Aid Kit For DT 408/466 and the International« 530 Engines Equipped W/Model P-3000 or 7100 Fuel Injection Pump
Release of a Common Injection Pump Oil Supply Line
Revision to the Special Torque Value For the Oil Pan Mounting Bolts Found on the DT 408, DT 466 and International« 530 Diesel Engines
Rear Sump Lube Oil Pick-up Tube Bracket
Revision to the Special Torque Values for the Oil Pick-Up Tube Mounting Bolts Found on the DT 408, DT 466 and International« 530 Diesel Engines and the DT 466E and International« 530E Diesel Engines
Announcing "Exhaust Brake Ready" Engines For DT 466/DT 466E and the International« 530/530E Electronically Controlled, and Mechanical Type W/Model P Injection Pump Engines
New Oil Pan Drain Plug and O-Ring For DT-408, DT 466, DT 466E, International« 530 and International« 530E Diesel Engines
DT 408/466 and the International« 530 Engines Fuel Supply (Transfer) Pump
DT 408/466 and the International« 530 Engine Ring Gear For Use With Allison Transmission Models MT-654CR, MD 3000 & HdD 4000
Revision to the Special Torque Value for the Main Bearing Mounting Bolt for DT 408, DT 466, DT 466E, International« 530 and International« 530E Diesel Engines
Release 1993/1994/1995 Model Year "Engine Data" And "Fuel Injection Pump Calibration Data" For Service To DT-408/466 And The International« 530 Diesel Engines
Starting and Warm-Up Instructions For Vehicles Equipped With DT 408/466 and the International« 530 Engines With Model "P 3000/7100" Injection Pumps
Correction to Lubrication Oil Pressure Specifications On DT 408, DT 466 and International« 530 Diesel Engines
Replacing The Flywheel Mounting Bolts For All Manual Transmission Applications
Service Manual Correction For Proper Cylinder Sleeve Installation Procedure
Service Procedure Changes For Model GT 40 Turbochargers Used On All DT 408/466 and the International« 530 Engines
Upper Idler Gear Bolt Torque For DT 408, DT 466 and the International« 530 Engines
Procedure for Servicing the Road Draft Tube Baffle/Valve Cover on DT 408, DT 466 and International« 530
Injection Pump Electric Shut-Off Service Package Revisions for DT/DTI/DTA-466 and DT/DTA-360 Engines
New Fan Drives To Accommodate "SPIN-ON" Type Fan Drive Clutches For All DT/DTA-360 and DT/DTA-466 Diesel Engines
Release of Segmented Oil Pan Gaskets for DT/DTA-360 and DT/DTA-466 Diesel Engines.
Release Separate Service Flywheels For Use On 360 and 466 Diesel Engines
Release 1992 Service Turbocharger Application Guide For All DT/DTA360 and 466 Engines
Release of 1992 Model Year DT/DTA-466 Diesel Engines, Starting Serial Numbers: DT/DTA-446 642456* and Above, Also 642420, 642449 and 642451
Consolidate Service Cylinder Head Assemblies For All DT/DTA-360 engines and for DT/DTA/DTI-466 Diesel Engines With Engine Serial Numbers Above 75000
1991 Model Year Component Identification and Service Parts Listing For DT/DTA-466 Diesel Engines
RE 300 Bus Models Built Between March 1, 2004 and March 20, 2005 with International DT 466 2004 EGR Engines Require a Body Modification to Improve Engine Valve Cover Removal


25 USD



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 Quantity of CD:  1 CD
 Data of update:  7/2012
 Price:  25 USD

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